Place Studio leads clients throughout all stages of their project.
In every project, we strive for excellence in design and work closely with
you to create a Place like no other. Our skills range from the macro to the


We pride ourselves on seeing the whole picture for any given project. Through our strategic planning process, we engage with our clients to review a project’s key performance indicators and come up with strategies to maximise our client’s end goals.
For some clients, fundamental project decisions occur before a site is even identified. Often this is driven by a desire to establish a consistent brand across multiple developments. We help clients identify, investigate and refine high-quality reference typologies to reinforce product control guidelines. This allows clients to ensure consistent design over a broad range of developments.
We can work with you to identify key opportunities and potential project risks to provide valuable data. We operate at the beginning of a project to establish a scaffold within which the design can be developed. We are also review developments at any stage to optimise the end outcome.
Place Studio can explore concepts for a given site to address client, planning and contextual requirements. Good design is at our core and it is here that we strive to stand out from the competition.
We creating well designed environments that are as thoughtful as they are beautiful. Place Studio can carefully select the materials, fixtures and furniture for interior spaces. We like to get to know how clients live in their environments to ensure the arrangement is both highly functional and beautiful.
We clearly communicate a project through drawings and 3D visualisations at all project stages, including planning applications, tendering and construction documentation.
Place Studio provides project management and contract administration services for its projects.
Good project outcomes require a blend of the right expertise, time and care. Place Studio provides a framework you can rely on to meet the budget and quality goals for your project.

All projects are unique and require varying time, resources and skill sets at different stages. Given the complexity of the project and the level of repetition, fees may vary. For a more accurate assessment of the cost of your project please get in contact with one of our partners.
Place Studio is proud to have accountability at its core. We are a registered Architectural Practice under the NSW Architects Registration Board. As such we abide by the NSW Architectural Code of Professional Conduct.

A copy of the code can be found here.