The “Tangerine Twist” project is a residential development located in Griffith, drawing inspiration from the surrounding red dirt landscape. The development is designed to create small communities within the larger site, with 58 units spread across 3 separate buildings. The architecture of the project is characterized by wrap-around eaves that provide shade during the hotter months while also allowing for larger windows to increase natural light in the units. Each building features communal open spaces on the rooftop, promoting a strong sense of community among residents. The design of the buildings takes inspiration from the Eucalyptus Rubida, a type of Eucalyptus tree that is native to the area. The jagged edges of the buildings are intended to evoke the tree’s outer bark, which sheds to reveal a smooth, glass-like inner surface. The Tangerine colour of the building is inspired by the orange colour of the bark which seems to protect the inner trunk from the harsh Australian sun. The design aims to create a striking architectural expression that is inspired by the surrounding environment and evokes a sense of connection to the natural landscape.

58 Apartments
Project Credits
Spectrum Architectural Visualization