Castle Hill

The “Donjon” project is a residential development located in Castle Hill, consisting of 315 large apartments. The development is designed to take full advantage of its location, with apartments oriented to face north, providing ample solar and cross ventilation, which is enhanced by floor-to-ceiling glazed upper floors. The project’s design is intended to provide residents with a sense of privacy from the surrounding public domain through the use of angled louvers.

The materials used in the construction of the building are earthy and robust, creating an architectural expression that is grounded and domestic in scale. The building’s massing is broken down into a series of low-rise blocks that step down towards the northern park, providing a strong connection to the natural environment, and creating an architecture that is contextual and fitting to the hill setting. The development also aims to foster a sense of community among residents through the use of communal open spaces, and create a welcoming and inviting environment.
Project Credits
Private Developer
Spectrum Architectural Visualization